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The Rental Industry's first and most powerful, full-featured online signature and document management tool.



Sign And Rent™ can be stand-alone or integrated directly into your inventory and invoicing systems. It's highly customizable for growth and trusted by thousands of rental stores around the world.

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Why Sign & Rent™

Sign And Rent™ is the world's first seamlessly integrated, web-based paperless rental contract management and signing system for rental businesses. Sign And Rent™ includes integrated real-time contract signing via secure web site, using a finger, stylus, or mouse to *draw* the signature. It works anywhere with Internet access, on virtually any smart phone, tablet, or PC; I.E., on the store's rental counter, on a job site, or in the customer's back office. Your customer can even sign on his or her own device from anywhere, without your help, simply by clicking a link sent via e-mail.


Sign And Rent™ can be stand-alone or integrated directly into your inventory and invoicing systems. It's highly customizable for growth and trusted by thousands of rental stores around the world. With this service you can send any document to be signed through email and instantly sent back to you fully executed and in real time. It's completely browser-based (requires no downloads), paperless, and no customer login or account is required. It's fast and easy. Allow your customers to electronically sign their tickets or contracts at the click of a button. Instead of using a typical POS machine signature pad, our software allows your customers to now sign through a SmartPhone, Tablet, or PC your office, in their office, on the go, at a job site or event location, any time and anywhere there is an internet connection. New features allow users to set up signing terminals at the rental counter, take and save photos, type notes, verify "forensic" evidence in cases of blind drop-off email signature [time/date/geolocation), and add custom documents and safety documents. Sign And Rent™ allows you to thouroghly document your rental agreement.

Features Overview

  • Browser based application.
  • Electronic signatures captured and stored in log records as signed PDF documents.
  • Customizable settings to determine what clients must sign or initial, such as damage waiver, terms, dates and drop off locations, etc. All signatures, initials, check box confirmations, etc., can be set to be mandatory or optional.
  • Ability to request payment when sending open tickets and work orders. Invoice amounts are automatically updated if a ticket amount is changed. ACH payment options are now available as well.
  • Ability to add an expiration date to tickets and work orders (dates can be modified later if needed).
  • Ability to attach photos on tickets and work orders. Photos are all automatically stamped with a date and time, have a caption field to type in, and are editable to draw directly on the photo if needed.
  • Email notifications can be highly customized for both the Sign And Rent™ user and the customer. Global general email boxes can be used, store-specific general email boxes can be used (when there are multiple locations), or specific Sign And Rent™ users can receive email confirmations of just their own tickets they send out.
  • Counter Sign which enables digital signatures at the counter or in the yard for walk-in customers. No special hardware required.
  • Unsigned documents reporting as well as other ticket “Activity Reports”.

Portal Overview

  • Ability to manage signatures and view signatures.
  • Customer management options available, including viewing documents, editing documents, adding required additional documentation that may be required for a specific ticket (liability documents, etc.), resending tickets, opening and resending already signed tickets.
  • Ticket lookup option, date range available for selection.
  • Modification of the Sign And Rent™ account user functions with customizable email notifications.
  • Enhanced “refresh” period that immediately pulls tickets into the “Active Ticket List”.
  • Web Services Status Notifications--Available monitoring of your inventory management software with email notifications sent in case of downtime or an outage where Sign And Rent™ cannot access your data.
  • Designed for blind-drops and paperless transactions
  • Send your customers invoice and forms anytime (no customer login necessary)
  • Customers can sign at home, on the road, at a job site, off hours...anytime, anywhere there is an internet connection
  • Deliveries are simple: Sign And Rent™ is fully integrated into your ERP Dashboard system
  • Only requires customer to have a computer or mobile device and an email address
  • A Sign And Rent™ account allows you to manage your signed documents
  • Sign And Rent™ collects "forensic" evidence such as day, time, and IP/geolocation information in case of dispute

Featured Clients

Volatile Studios has provided web development solutions for Bright Event Rentals since 2015. We also process all of our contractual documents through Sign And Rent; their integrated E-signature platform. The team at Volatile has helped us better connect with our clients and improve their overall experience with Bright. Their work has set us apart as innovators in our industry and improved both our top line revenue and our bottom-line profits.

We have had nothing but rave reviews from our customers...One told me that he will not ever use anyone else for rentals but our company.




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